Are you considering purchasing a treadmill desk or asking your company to provide one in the office? There are many reasons people choose to make the switch from a sitting or even standing desk and there are several benefits you may gain by doing so. Even if you’re not if sure you want to walk all day at work, read on to learn three reasons it can help you.


3 Benefits of Using a Treadmill Desk

  1. Customize Your Exercise Plan

One of the great things about treadmill desks is they put exercise in the palm of your hand. The ability to walk (or lightly jog) while working during the day means you’ll get in better shape, increase your overall health and wellness and feel more energetic at work. Most treadmill desks have multiple functions and settings so you can personalize the experience to fit your needs.

  1. Boost Your Productivity

A recent study took a number of sedentary workers and had them use a treadmill desk over a period of time. Despite an initial loss of productivity as the employees got used to using the mouse and typing while walking on an incline, they all showed an increase in the amount of work produced over a four-to-six month duration. A treadmill desk will help you gain a boost in energy and experience greater productivity than your sitting counterparts.

  1. Increase Brain Activity

If you’re frequently on conference calls or hold meetings over the phone, a treadmill desk can greatly benefit you. The added blood flow your brain receives from walking steadily while working can aid in comprehension and will increase problem-solving activity in your mind; the added oxygen can help you perform better in these situations.

Walking on a treadmill desk at work can boost productivity, help you solve more complex problems and even have you feeling more active. Are you currently using a treadmill desk? What other benefits have you seen since you stopped sitting at work?