Learn three easy ways you can leave work at the office at the end of the day.

For so many, life and work seem to blend together in a pile of to-do lists and schedules. With society’s constant connection to email, social media and more, and the ability for most professionals to work while on the go, it can seem impossible to leave work and its stresses behind once you step out of the office.

The ability to leave work at the office at the end of the day is an extremely important skill to master for your health. Not only is it important for your wellbeing, it will help you improve your job performance by giving yourself time to decompress and focusing more on the other areas of your life that make you happy. If this separation of work and home is something you find yourself struggling with, we’re here to help by providing three valuable tips you can start using now.

3 Ways to Leave Work at the Office

1.       Stick to your schedule. For most of us, we have a set schedule we’re expected to work. While you may be tempted to keep working to get through that to-do list or write just one more email, doing so should be the exception, not the rule. Being a stickler about your schedule and regularly clocking out when you should is the first step to help you leave work behind and enjoy your personal time out of the office.

2.      Take time to unwind. If you have a high-demand, intense role at work, or leaving at the same time everyday just isn’t enough, creating an after work routine can help you decompress. Take some time when you get home to do something that is unrelated to your job and will help you switch your focus from work to home. Here are a few activities to try:

a.      Read a chapter or two in a favorite book

b.      Take a walk or exercise

c.       Listen to your favorite music

d.      Try yoga or meditation

3.      Turn off your mobile devices. If you still find yourself struggling to leave work at the office throughout the evening, and on your regular days off because of emails and alerts on your mobile device, consider turning everything off. If that’s not an option due to your job role, create a phone-free block of time and stick to it. Focus this time on your family, friends or activities that bring you happiness.


While these are just a few ideas to help you leave work behind at the end of day, they are a great first step at creating a healthy boundary between your professional and personal life. What are some other ways you keep your work and personal life separate? Share them with us below in the comments.