If you’re a committed professional who shows up to your job on time, produces quality work and always makes sure to get the task completed quickly and completely, you’re likely a bit worn out when the day is done. Since you’re such a stellar team player, we bet you could use a bit of relaxation after a long stint at the office. Did you know this August 15th is National Relaxation Day? This holiday is created for you.


What is National Relaxation Day?

Held this August 15th, National Relaxation Day is meant to remind hard-working Americans that they deserve a break. According to Punchbowl, “No matter what you choose to do, just remember to take it easy, even if it’s only for a few minutes.” Rest and relaxation are an essential part of a health and wellness and by taking some time to relax, unwind and put your feet up, the idea is that you’ll become a better worker who is more productive, committed and happy in the workplace. Instead of waiting for mid-August each year, here are four tips for relaxing year-round.

4 Tips for Relaxation

  1. Catch Up on Your ZZZ’s

Are you getting enough sleep each night? Although it varies for each individual, you should aim for at least six hours each night. Waking up having had enough rest is a wonderful feeling and can help you feel more relaxed and at ease throughout the day. To improve your sleep quality, make sure you’re using a quality pillow, limit distractions before bed and set a regular routine.

  1. Have a Soothing Cup of Tea

Did you know tea is a great stress reliever? Besides being delicious, a nice cup of tea can invoke feelings of warmth, happiness and comfort. Herbal teas are great because they offer calming herbs like ginseng, mint and chamomile. The positive healing effects of tea have been recognized for thousands of years; enjoy a cup today for relaxation.

  1. Try a Calming Breathing Exercise

If work makes you feel stressed out or riled up, a breathing exercise can help you cool down before blowing your top. A deep breath of fresh air will do wonders for your attitude and acts as a reset button for your emotions.  See some great exercises here.

  1. Take a Technology Break

A lot of the fatigue we feel after a hard day at the office stems from an overuse of technology. Staring at screens for long hours can strain your eyes, a malady called Computer Vision Syndrome, and this can cause headaches, blurred vision and irritability. When you get home from work, limit your screen usage and focus instead on a calming activity like reading a book or light gardening.

To feel more relaxed in a stressful world, it’s helpful to do some deep breathing exercises, take a break from technology, drink a soothing cup of tea and get enough sleep. For more ideas, keep reading articles our blog or contact us today. What do you do to feel more relaxed?