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January 22, 2019
Boost Productivity At Work

No matter what the job, your work environment has an inescapable impact on your mood. If your workspace is a dreary office setting with unfriendly coworkers, you may find it difficult to find motivation or feel confident in what you produce. That’s part of why creating an open and friendly work environment is critical for the success and productivity of any company.

Here are four ways from Business News Daily that employers can improve office environment and, in turn, employee engagement and productivity.

1. Hire Great Team Members For Productivity (And Let Bad Ones Go)

Smart businesses know that a good work environment starts with hiring the right people. Make sure employees exhibit professional behavior and a team-oriented mindset. When employees work with toxic individuals, they are more likely to begin developing those bad habits themselves.

Don’t be afraid to let poisonous employees go, either. It can be a hard thing to do, but one bad attitude can affect everyone’s daily productivity.

2. Improve The Lighting And Improve Productivity

Lighting also plays a vital role in workers’ performance and attitude. A study from the University of North Carolina found that exposure to natural light improves mood and energy, greatly impacting focus and productivity. But a survey from Pots Planters and More revealed that nearly half of their respondents reported having little to no natural lighting in their office.

If it’s not possible to incorporate natural lighting through windows, there are other options to consider. Blue-enriched light bulbs may reduce fatigue and increase happiness and work performance, according to the article. You can also use warmer colors and tones in meeting and break rooms to promote calmness and relaxation.

3. Make The Office Comfortable To Boost Productivity

Working in a clean and attractive office can have an enormous impact on employee’s productivity and their relationships with co-workers and managers.

“Even if the sun can’t shine into your workplace, make an effort to provide a relaxing atmosphere with comfy furniture, working equipment and a few ‘extra-mile’ amenities,” says Mike Canarelli, CEO of Web Talent Marketing.

For example, give your employees the flexibility to move around different spaces in the office to work where they’re comfortable, or give them the option to sit or stand at their desks. According to Pots Planters and More, people who labeled their work furniture as “bad” are three times more likely to consider their work environment as less conducive to productivity and two times as likely to find it “depressing.”

(If you need some guidance on how to fix up your workplace, check out our wide variety of ergonomic furniture or contact us for an ergonomic assessment and consultation.)

Likewise, help employees to feel comfortable by allowing them to customize their space. Instead of “standard-issue” everything, consider a small budget for everyone to purchase work items that reflect their own tastes.

4. Improve Communication To Improve Productivity

Team members and upper management should focus on their communication methods and the effects they have on each other and the office environment.

“Employees are motivated and feel valued when they’re given positive reinforcement and shown how their work contributes to the success of the business,” said Dominique Jones, former chief people officer at Halogen Software.

This means offering employees specific feedback on how their productivity is feeding into the broader business objectives, she noted.

But employees shouldn’t be the only ones being evaluated. Managers should be open to feedback as well, said Samantha Lambert, director of human resources at Blue Fountain Media.

“When you involve your staff in decision-making in an effort to create a better work environment, they feel valued,” Lambert said. “Don’t be afraid to ask employees for their opinion on a new benefit offered, or what they think of a new client project.”

While you’re working on communication, don’t forget to show gratitude for hard work. According to David Sturt, executive vice president of marketing and business development at the O.C. Tanner Institute, effective employee recognition can transform and elevate an organization. “It ignites enthusiasm, increases innovation, builds trust and drives bottom-line results,” he said. “Even a simple ‘thank you’ after an employee goes above and beyond on a project, or puts in a series of late nights, goes a long way.

December 11, 2018

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November 27, 2018

Founded on September 22, 1949, American Business Women’s Day was created by the American Business Women’s Association to bring to light the accomplishments of the millions of diverse U.S. women workers and business owners in the workplace. After 70 years, women have made leaps and bounds of progress compared to a time when they couldn’t even vote. Now we are sitting in a time where more women are taking a seat at the table and becoming founders and leaders, instead of just taking the administrative and supportive roles.

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November 20, 2018

Healthy Treats imageThe holiday season can be hard to navigate if you’re focusing on healthy foods; parties and get togethers often include carb-heavy foods that lead to weight gain as well as fried, processed and sugary foods that can lead to inflammation. Despite the tempting treats around every corner, you don’t need to give in! Instead of submitting to temptation, take control and try these delicious holiday recipes for guilt-free indulgence!

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October 9, 2018

Office Flu ImageFall is here and noses are running, people are coughing, and you may notice an unsettling feeling in the back of your throat. No matter where you turn, you’re at an invisible dead end with countless germs awaiting to make you take a sick day off from the office.

During the winter months, the cold and flu thrive due to colder and less humid environments. Although some believe adults are better at taking care of their health than children, the truth is that the workplace has as much chance of spreading the common cold and flu as a school or daycare. Here are five fool-proof tips to keep you away from the tissues, thermometer and soup.

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September 24, 2018

Whether you work in an office, sit down at a desk, or like to sit in a chair that swivels, there is an important thing that we can all agree on. Sitting in an office chair all day doesn’t necessarily sound great for your back. A lot of time spent in an uncomfortable non-ergonomic chair may add stress to your spine and your office chair may be the main reason your back hurts!

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May 26, 2017

When’s the last time you went for a bike ride? The beautiful spring days practically beg for a cycling trip; did you know May is National Bike Month? With summer quickly approaching, this is the perfect time to give your trusty bicycle a tune-up, dust off your helmet from winter and get moving! Whether you are biking for pleasure with your family or prefer to use a bike as your daily transportation, nearly anyone can enjoy the many benefits the sport can offer your body as it is a great low-impact cardio activity.

What is National Bike Month?

A holiday first established in 1956 and sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists, May’s National Bike Month is celebrated around the country throughout the month. In addition to supporting the idea of increasing your fitness routine, it is also meant to encourage those new to bicycling to give it a try and spread the word about the benefits of staying active. Taking up cycling can positively impact your life and the world around you; read on to learn how.

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