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January 1, 2016

For those who lead a busy and stressful lifestyle, the ability to work out at home or do a yoga routine via a YouTube video is a great alternative to purchasing an expensive gym membership or hiring a personal trainer. Rather than having others watch your workout and feeling self-conscious, YouTube workout channels allow you to relax, unwind and even sweat within the comfort of your home. Here are the three best yoga channels on YouTube to try.


3 Best Yoga Channels on YouTube

  1. Interval Yoga by Ali Kamenova

Ali Kamenova, originally from Bulgaria, is a yoga teacher based in Los Angeles. Her channel features authentic yoga flow sequences, peaceful music and beautiful nature scenes. Ali frequently travels to the coast to record her exercises, so viewers are treated with incredible scenery and tranquil locations. Great for beginners, intermediate yogis and even experts, Ali breaks down the workouts into dynamic intervals that are down to earth and practical, yet deeply spiritual. Check out her yoga channel here.

  1. Tara Stiles’ Channel

Tara Stiles is a health and wellness expert based in New York City with a very successful yoga channel. She is considered a nonconformist and her approach has been widely accepted as approachable, simple and straightforward. In addition to yoga, Tara also helps her viewers live healthy though good nutrition and a positive lifestyle. Visit her channel here.

  1. Yoga with Adriene

If you’re tired of yoga instructors who try to woo you with their soft voice and spout pseudoscience throughout the practice, Adriene is the teacher for you. She is from Austin, Texas and her channel, Yoga with Adriene, has new videos weekly designed to cut through the nonsense and get you in shape. Check out the channel here.

Yoga and the culture surrounding it can be intimidating for those new to the practice. When you’re in a class and a spritely student in front of you is doing the poses perfectly and greeting you with a stellar lotus pose, it can be hard not to compare yourself. Working out on YouTube is a great way to combat this and gain confidence at home.  What channels do you visit for exercise?

December 25, 2015

Are you planning any holiday road trips this winter to visit friends and family? Long car rides are a major source of back pain for many travelers and an uncomfortable journey can cause stress, fatigue and cast a damper on your festivities. Try these two back stretches for some relief after some time behind the wheel.


2 Back Stretches for Long Car Rides

  1. Seated Twists

This back stretch is one you can do as a passenger or after you arrive at your destination. Sitting for long hours can harm your body’s ability to digest food and lower your metabolism, in addition to causing back cramping and shoulder pain. Sit straight up in your seat and take a deep inhale. As you exhale, twist your torso as far as you can to the right and hold for three counts. Inhale again and repeat on the left side.

  1. Twisted Lunge

If your hips, butt and back feel achy and sore from a long time in the car, consider trying a wide lunge to feel some relief. Start standing and step your right foot about 20 inches in front of you and settle into a lunge. Place your palms together in front of your heart and twist to the right so your left elbow is touching your right knee. Hold this position and then switch sides after a few seconds.

Bonus Tip: Invest in a Cushion

Long car trips can become more enjoyable when you use a cushion to support your spine. Many models offer full back support and can be adjusted to meet your needs. Check out our variety of options here or in our showroom.

Tightness, back pain and discomfort are all typically alleviated shortly after getting out of the car, unless you have another medical condition. Trying these back stretches can help you feel more energetic, loosen tight muscles and feel healthier. What back stretches do you like to do after traveling long distances in the car?

December 18, 2015

Workers in the U.S. are spending longer hours sitting than ever before – to the tune of more than half of their waking hours. Standing at work is a great way to combat the effects of “sitting disease” and can make you feel more productive, efficient and energetic in the office. How should you choose a standing desk? Read on for four features to consider.


What to Look for in a Standing Desk: 4 Features

  1. Flexibility

Some experts believe standing at work is only beneficial to a certain extent and it’s detrimental to stay on your feet for the whole day since it puts extra pressure on your legs and joints. To avoid negative consequences of a standing desk, opt for one that offers flexibility and adjustability. Look for a model with a changeable height and remember one size doesn’t always fit all.

  1. Sturdiness

Many lower-priced standing desks can seem like a good option, but lack the weight and quality you need in a viable workstation. Make sure the model you choose is sturdy enough to work on and offers a lot of desk space; you won’t want to feel like you’re losing something by standing up.

  1. Affordability

While you likely want to try standing at work, neither you nor your employer wants to break the bank. The best standing desks aren’t necessarily top-of-the-line models; we have several mid-ranged and affordably priced options in our showroom and are happy to find a custom solution that works for you.

  1. Tech-Friendly Design

Many standing desks are simply a flat surface; this can be great for space efficiency but not very convenient for desk items, storage or computer cables. When choosing a standing desk, look for options that have space for wires, computers and monitors.

Flexibility, adjustability, sturdiness, affordability and a tech-friendly design are all features to look for when choosing a standing desk. For more tips on ergonomics in the office, read additional articles on our blog today or contact us.

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