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Ergonomic Assessments

ergo2Workplace Ergonomics will not only improve your employees’ comfort, it will increase their productivity, creativity and morale. Combine this with reduced costs associated with injury, absenteeism and insurance and your bottom line grows with your business.

● We’ve Got Your Back can perform workplace ergonomic assessments and training to improve employee comfort and well being. We specialize in building happy & healthy employees.
● The We’ve Got Your Back ergonomists are experts in the latest and most cost-effective, workstation solutions. We can recommend and install the best options with a turnaround that demonstrates you care for their comfort and well-being.
● We are a local, women-owned business committed to providing the best service and support available anywhere. We want to be your go-to resource for employee services and well-being.


Consulting Services:egro1
Ergonomic Program Design: We can help you customize your ergonomic program so it fits your company culture, work functions or business focus. We work with the management or facilities team to optimize the program to fit available internal resources and budget.

Ergonomic Assessments:
We provide on-site or remote ergonomic assessments based on your work force location and your requirements. We can develop and deliver the tools you need to perform on-line remote support for your home office, remote or international employees. This is often a cost effective way to reach the majority of your employees to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

We also provide onsite ergonomic assessments to provide individual attention and focus on specific needs and behaviors. Each assessment is performed with an eye for risk identification and comfort improvement. We approach each ergonomic assessment to provide coaching on the benefits of posture improvement, optimized and safe workplace set-up, use and adjustment of chair, desk and other equipment. Our reports are comprehensive and designed to provide both employee and management feedback.


ergo3Ergonomic Workshops and Training Seminars:
We are available to provide ergonomic workshops or lunch and learn sessions to provide group training on the benefits of ergonomics to workplace comfort and safety. Each session can be geared to needs of the work function, employee level or general workplace. We can support both Industrial and Office environments.

Call us at 408-395-1122 to arrange for a Free 30-Minute Consultation or to discuss
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