Ergonomic office furniture is a major trend for 2019. Many offices are expanding beyond the mainstays of ergonomic keyboard trays and supportive seating to include adjustable monitor mounts, active office implements and standing desks. We’ve Got Your Back has compiled a list of the best standing desks we currently offer to help your office space stay ahead of the curve.

Standing desks are, however, more than a trend. Science backs up the health benefits of standing while on the job. With results from increased circulation to higher productivity, standing desk research shows that healthy employees are better employees. Read about the benefits of standing desks in our recent blog post!

Top Four Ergonomic Standing Desks in 2019

We’ve Got Your Back’s product selection features several fixed-position standing desks as well as transitional sit-to-stand options. Because we have so many options, we assembled a short list that exhibits the range and variety of our standing desk selection.

1. Workrite Cascade

  • Mechanically adjustable
  • Ergonomic sit-to-stand work station
  • Manual/non-electric trigger mechanism
  • Beveled edge gives the desk a graceful silhouette and space-efficient shape
  • Height range of 27.5″ to 46.5″
  • Eco-friendly Greenguard certified product

2. Workrite Sierra HXL Crank

  • Available in silver, charcoal or white finish
  • Ergonomic, adjustable height range of 25.5″ to 43″
  • Comes in all four different shape configurations for Workrite two-leg frame desks
    • Rectangular (symmetrical; straight)
    • Offset Corner (assymetrical; curved cut-out)
    • Equal Corner (symmetrical; curved)
    • 120 Degree (symmetrical; curved)
  • Lightweight without restricting usable desk space

3. Workrite Sierra HX Electric

  • Includes inset power outlets and stand-by power storage
  • Available in three finish colors – silver, charcoal or white
  • Comes in all six Workrite shape configurations, with the choice of either two or three support legs
  • Ergonomic, adjustable height range of 22.5″ to 48.7″

4. HAT Contract- Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desks

  • Available in three models with choice of adjustable positions and support legs
  • Dual synchronized adjustment motors
  • Expandable frame balances a range of payload weights
  • Heavy-duty steel legs coated with silver-metallic finish give this desk strength, beauty and durability
  • Streamlined structure ideal for compact workspaces
  • Eco-friendly Greenguard certified product

We’ve Got Your Back specializes in ergonomic office furniture and accessories for healthy workplaces. If you have any questions about standing desks, monitor mounts, chairs or workplace health, do not hesitate to ask! For personalized advice on introducing ergonomic furniture or health initiatives to your office environment, contact us here.