Standing desks have been a hot topic in workplaces across the county, and we are thrilled! However, with their popularity comes many questions and uncertainties regarding how useful they are and how they help employees. Keep reading to discover the truths behind three of the most common myths surrounding standing desks.

Do you have a standing desk?

3 Myths about Standing Desks

Myth 1:  You can’t sit and do your work if you have a standing desk.

This is one of the most common misconceptions about using a standing desk while you work. There are many desks that convert from sitting to standing and back with little to no effort. Do you love the desk you have, but want the benefits of standing while you work? Desk attachments that raise and lower are a fantastic solution utilizing your current setup. We’ve Got Your Back has an abundant selection of desks and workstations that meet the needs of your employees in styles that fit your office’s decor.

Myth 2: Standing at your desk is harder on your body.

There are many overall health benefits of standing at your desk – even for short periods of time – versus sitting all day. When you’re stuck being sedentary for such long periods of time at work, it has a negative effect on your health, which can lead to premature loss of life due to health complications. Simply cutting the amount of time you’re sitting at your desk by approximately two hours can make a difference and increase your life span, making the standing desk a must-have for your office.

Myth 3: Standing desks are the cure-all solution to workplace ergonomics.

Standing desks, when placed at the correct height can help with your posture and increase the blood flow throughout your body, but it is not the cure-all solution. Too much of anything can have a negative effect; make sure you are moving and taking breaks frequently. Whether you’re standing or sitting, consider the monitor, keyboard and mouse placement as well as the chair you use. All of these items play a crucial role in healthy workplace ergonomics.

Standing desks are a great way to increase productivity and health in the workspace. Now that you know the truths behind some of the most common misconceptions, take advantage of our fantastic sale; buy two standing desks between now and July 31 and enjoy a 20 percent discount!