Are you working on improving your posture? If you spend long hours in front of a computer at home or work, you may catch yourself slouching or hunching over your computer; many hours of this each week can add up to some serious back, neck and shoulder problems. But before you try to make a change, first review these four myths about good posture that may impede your progress.

Correct sitting posture can change your workday.

Good Posture on the Job: 4 Myths

Myth #1: Good Posture Means Sitting Up Straight

The Reality: While it’s important to straighten yourself out as much as possible, sitting up straight for long periods of time is not recommended. Good posture isn’t rigid, it’s flexible and dynamic, just like you. You should be ready to move and flow throughout your day without resigning yourself to a fixed position.

Myth #2: To Improve Your Posture, Pinch Your Shoulder Blades Together

The Reality: To overcompensate for hunching forward, many people will pinch their shoulder blades toward each other, bringing their arms back. However, this is not a relaxed, comfortable position and cause increase back, neck and shoulder tension. Instead of cramping your body unnaturally, try doing a few light movement exercises, like simple shoulder rolls. Repeat this exercise several times a day to keep your body loose and relaxed.

Myth #3: Bad Posture is Genetic, So There’s Nothing You Can Do

The Reality: While to some extent, bad posture can be genetic, there is no excuse for not trying. Practicing healthy habits can do wonders to transform your day to day life. Keeping a tight and strong core can improve your posture and help you overcome any genetic obstacles you may be facing.

Myth #4: Your Posture is Either Good, or Bad

The Reality: Many people believe that there are only two types of posture, and you are either doing well, or you aren’t. Actually, good posture can mean different things to each person, as we all have different body shapes, sizes and types, and we all work different jobs. The real problem occurs when you become stuck in one static posture, either sitting up straight and rigid or slouching for hours. When you feel comfortable, flexible and energetic, your posture is working for you.

Good posture isn’t supposed to feel uncomfortable or like an unattainable task; it’s meant to come naturally. By following the above recommendations, you should see improvement in your energy on the job, and reduced back, neck and shoulder pain. Want to take it a step further? Visit We’ve Got Your Back today and we’re happy to customize your approach.

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