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Is hot desking right for your workplace?

Hot desking” continues to be a common workplace trend, but before you rearrange your business’ space, it’s worth considering whether it will lead to increased productivity and office health.

What is hot desking? It’s the practice of desk sharing. The idea is that instead of assigned desks for each employee, there are community desks that are available on a first come, first serve basis. It’s designed to encourage employee creativity by allowing them to change their environment each day, in addition to reducing the number of desks companies need to provide for their employees as not all of them are at a desk continually – some are on vacation, out sick, working flex schedules or in meetings.

What are the benefits and challenges with this type of set up and is it a good fit for your workplace? Keep reading for a helpful list of pros and cons to consider.

3 Benefits to Hot Desking in the Workplace

  1. Employee socialization and collaboration. Hot desking allows employees the ability to socialize more by sitting next to different coworkers each day. This can help with team building and inspire creativity. In addition, by having more flexibility in seating and office design, employees can collaborate together more easily.
  2. Tidier office environment. Because employees don’t have a set desk every day, they need to clear their workspaces each day. Plus, less clutter in the workplace is shown to lead to higher productivity.
  3. Reduced costs. Decreasing the physical space and furniture needed in the workplace will also lower overhead costs.

3 Common Workplace Challenges with Hot Desking

  1. Office health. Sharing desks also means sharing germs. As Inc. put it, “One worker’s sniffle on Monday becomes the whole office’s nasty cold by Friday.”
  2. Ergonomic health. In addition to making it easier for germs to spread, hot desking makes ergonomic health a challenge. Ideal chair, keyboard and monitor heights will differ from one person to the next; if employees don’t take the time to ensure a proper fit each and every day, they’re more likely to experience ergonomic injuries that could otherwise be avoided.
  3. Increased social anxiety. Because employees aren’t sure where they’ll be working each day, it can increase their stress surrounding where they’ll sit, who they’ll sit by and any unwritten office politics they may need to avoid.

Is hot desking a good fit for your workplace? If so, make sure you’re providing your employees with office furniture they can customize to a proper ergonomic fit each day. From seating cushions, monitor mounts and accessories to office chairs, sit to stand desks and more, we’re happy to help you find the best workplace furniture for your company. Contact us today for assistance!