Employers are frequently looking for inexpensive ways to improve the health and wellness of their team members, often by transforming their office with ergonomics in mind. Adding monitor arms to desktop computers is one way that workers can feel healthier and more productive throughout the day. How does this work? Read on for details.

Have you tried a monitor arm?

The Importance of Monitor Arms for Good Ergonomics

Monitor arms are great because they add a level of adjustability to the workspace, as not every person has the same needs. When working, it’s important to keep the computer screen at eye level to avoid bending your neck and placing unnecessary strain your back; monitor arms are great adjustable options that are essential in every workplace.

How does a monitor arm work? The adjustable arm allows you to place your computer screen at the optimal height, and helps you reduce back pain, since sitting up straight is the first step toward improving your posture. It can tempting to hunch over while using the computer, so make sure to always have even footing on the ground, whether sitting or standing. It’s also easy to get lost in your work for long periods of time, so ensure you’re in a comfortable and ergonomically correct position to do so.

Optimal Position for a Computer Screen

One of the best ways to preserve your health is to make your workstation as ergonomically-friendly as possible. For the maximum health benefit, aim for positioning your monitor at eye level; investing in a monitor mount can really help. By aligning the computer screen at the right height, you can avoid causing unnecessary strain to your neck and shoulders. Keep the computer monitor at eye level and make sure it is at least 20 inches away from your body. You shouldn’t have to strain any part of your body, or look up or down at your computer screen.

The Humanscale M8 Monitor Mount

If you’re in the market for a monitor mount, we recommend the Humanscale M8, which allows the user to work while maintaining a healthy posture through setting one or multiple monitors at the optimal distance and height.

By redefining the capabilities of a monitor arm, Humanscale created the M8, which combines incredible weight capacity with a stylish, slim profile. Like all of Humanscale’s best-selling monitor arms, the M8 allows the user to work in a healthy posture through setting one or multiple monitors at an optimal distance and height. Collaboration is made easier through effortless screen sharing and increased desk space. Through its fusion of flexibility and strength, the M8 accommodates any single or dual monitor configuration weighing up to 40 lbs. Unlike other high-capacity monitor arms with bulky designs, the M8 offers easy adjustment and flawless ergonomic function in an articulating monitor arm. Purchase the Humanscale M8 here.

To truly activate the power of your workspace, adjustability is a key feature of the ergonomic office; find out what’s right for you by browsing our selection of monitor mounts.

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