Ergonomics wellness program

Learn why ergonomics need to be part of your wellness program.

Did you know ergonomics and wellness go hand in hand? Ergonomics is about more than the chair you sit on or the desk you work at; it’s about how we use our bodies in a healthy way to get work done.

Between OSHA standards, workers compensation costs, health insurance costs and productivity measures, it has never been more important to make sure your employees are not just working – but working well. Including ergonomic practices as part of your wellness program is important for your company’s success. Keep reading to learn why.

Why Ergonomics Should be Part of Your Wellness Program

Ergonomics is about closing the gap between the demands of the job and the needs of the human body. When it comes to employee well-being, take a holistic approach. As the line between OHS, EHS, Ergonomics, Wellness and Benefits gets blurrier, it becomes even more important to close that gap.

Create a strong relationship between these different areas with a wellness program that is supported across the entire company. Doing so will save you valuable resources, including time and money. Including ergonomics as part of your wellness program can also reduce your injury rates and increase your productivity by dramatic levels; it is an integral part of the growth of any company.

When you expand your ergonomic focus beyond just the equipment your team uses to include each individual and how they can personally benefit from it, you will understand why ergonomics and wellness go hand in hand.

If you’re ready to start building your health, safety and wellness protocols the first decision you can make is to hire a consultant with good experience. At We’ve Got Your Back we work with clients to determine their needs, define a budget, and design a program that you can constantly evaluate and update with relevant data. Click here to find out how to schedule your free consultation today.