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Training Tables

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  • Training Tables -Flexibile- by Versteel-TIM

    Versteel’s TIM, Tables in Motion, provide a complete array of training and conference solutions.   TIM is the only table with a built-in adjustable height systems that also tilts, nests and folds. All in one package.    With a choice of casters or glides, a cutting edge modesty panel system, or a snap-on wire management system, and a complete array of power and data options Versteel lets you create the perfect fit for your conference or training needs.   Versteel’s expansive material and finishes options  make it easy to create a TIM that’s right for the job,

    Choose from:

    • Tilt, Nest and Fold with the TIM V2 bases,
    • Tilt and Nest with TIM Meeting Y3 Bases, or
    • Stability or fixed mobility with TIM Meeting R4 Bases.

    Training:  Working with versatility.  Specify a table that is loaded with every option or on that is custom tailored to fit individual needs.

    Conference:  Meeting with more than anticipated?   Accommodate  additional Seating requirements by quickly adding sterns to either end of TIM Meeting Rectangles or arc-rectangle shapes.

    Storage:  Managing space.  With modesties, wire management and power/data you can still tilt and nest or fold and store on the cart.

    Adjustability:  Getting the right height is easy.  TIM tables with push-button height adjustment allow you to create a work surface for wheelchair accessibility (32″), Standard Seated tasks or even lower if needed (27″).

    Made in the USA.

  • Training Tables -Versteel-Eliga

    Training tables by Versteel combine design and function in so many  beautiful forms.   Whether you are creating a classroom, training room or conference room, Versteel has a training table to fit your needs.   Choose from their complete line of tables designed to fit your unique needs.

    • Eliga is available with fixed or sliding tops for easy access to wire storage, making this table universal in design and functionality yet a structurally sound solution. Its contemporary and clean leg design makes this table another beautiful and limitless offering by Versteel.
    • Casters or Glides available to make rearranging quick and easy.  Leg is parallelogram-shaped to allow the table to conjoin effortlessly.   The slim-tilt options nests for easy and convenient storage.
    • Finishes & Materials are available in Versteel’s Standard finishes for the look you desire
    • Power and Data Options are available in the top for universal, portable  connectivity.
    • Made in the U.S.A. of the finest materials available.
  • Training Tables-TY-Sleek and Efficient by Versteel

    TY is sleek and efficient.  This table can be your first and last choice when choosing a table.  Built with the user in mind, TY comes in both fixed and slim-tilt versions, which allow for easy configurations to complete a room quickly, easily and makes your users comfortable, productive and happy.

    • Y-Base, TY comes standard with locking casters to make rearranging easy.  The Y-base efficiently fits to optimize the fit for most configurations.
    • Slim-Tilt, nests for easy and convenient storage to make efficient use of your storage space.
    • Top Shapes limited only by imagination.   Select a top that fits your space and tasks at hand.
    • Power and Data options available
    • Modesty panel available.  Select with or without to meet your user’s needs.
    • Finishes and Materials meet unsurpassed standards program and available in just about any style you can imagine.
    • Made in the USA.

3 items

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