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  • Classic Lab Stools by OM Smart Seating

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    The Classic-Professional Series, CL Series are perfect for dental or doctors offices.  Choose a model that fits your office or lab needs. All the stools are user-friendly and attractive with over 99 fabric colors to choose from, including Health Care design fabrics that are durable and cleanable.   Choose from optional  in 8″ or 10″ cylinder to accommodate your lab or office needs.  Foot or hand ring height control available. Choose from CL12, CL13, CL14, CL15 or CL33 and CL32.

    The OM CL13 Features a Footring and optional 7″ cylinder.
    The OM CL15 has a unique back design that serves as a back support , body-side support or even and abdominal support. Foot activation mechanism allows for hands-free operability.
    The OM CL14 has a foot activation mechanism to provide hands operability during surgery or office visits.

1 item

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