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  • Feek Fundamentals-By Trendway- Colorful, Fun, Durable in All Shapes and Sizes

    Coated foam Feek® brings fun and personality to every space. From universities to hotels, museums to corporate offices, Feek is at home in many different environments.

    Feek’s look and construction is distinctly different. It also offers custom capabilities that allow designers to create unique statements, quickly and effectively. The product has been specified by architects and designers in the US and across Europe for nearly 15 years.

    With a broad capability for colors, sizes and shapes, Feek appeals to users while offering real function and flexibility.

    Constructed of recyclable polyurethane foam—no metal or wood framing
    Firm, comfortable support
    Proprietary water-based top coat
    Durable coating bonded to foam structure
    Seamless surface, no place soil to hide
    Liquids can’t penetrate
    No hard or sharp edges
    Stable, yet light enough to rearrange easily
    More than 40 standard sizes and shapes
    Custom capabilities
    Offered in 11 standard colors, custom coloroption
    Created by Belgian designer Frederik van Heereveld
    Made in the USA exclusively by Trendway

1 item

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