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Fun Soft Seating

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  • Feek by Trendway-Fun, Visually Exciting , Unique Soft Seating

    Create your vision – make a unique statement, solve a unique challenge, create a visually exciting collaboration workspace.
    Trendway’s custom capabilities can easily and quickly bring your ideas to life. Starting with CertiPUR-US® Certified foam, Trendway’s design support team will create the shape, size, color and texture you need. They make it simple. The process can create amazing flexible shapes that traditional materials like fabrics and rigid plastics can’t match.

    Custom Feek has been created for international designers like Karim Rashid and companies
    including BMW, Nike, Red Bull, Puma, MGM.
    Lead times are Fast. Standard four-week lead time for Feek Fundamentals. Special or Custom Feek projects will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to identify best possible lead time.
    Download a brochure here or call for more information.

1 item

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