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Feek by Trendway-Fun, Visually Exciting , Unique Soft Seating

Create your vision – make a unique statement, solve a unique challenge, create a visually exciting collaboration workspace.
Trendway’s custom capabilities can easily and quickly bring your ideas to life. Starting with CertiPUR-US® Certified foam, Trendway’s design support team will create the shape, size, color and texture you need. They make it simple. The process can create amazing flexible shapes that traditional materials like fabrics and rigid plastics can’t match.

Custom Feek has been created for international designers like Karim Rashid and companies
including BMW, Nike, Red Bull, Puma, MGM.
Lead times are Fast. Standard four-week lead time for Feek Fundamentals. Special or Custom Feek projects will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to identify best possible lead time.
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Unique, Versatile and Visually Exciting Soft Seating Coated foam Feek® brings fun and personality to every space. From universities to hotels, museums to corporate offices, Feek is at home in many different environments.

Feek’s look and construction is distinctly different. It also offers custom capabilities that allow designers to create unique statements, quickly and effectively. Feek has been specified by architects and designers in the US and across Europe for nearly 15 years.

With a broad capability for colors, sizes and shapes, Feek appeals to users while offering real function and flexibility.

Create a place people will enjoy — and remember. Feek makes an environment into an experience. Feek can bring sleek sophistication to complement a formal setting. It can also bring a casual space to life with color and fun. Designers tailor the Feek effect with the broad selection of standard and custom colors, shapes and configurations.

Feek provides versatile soft seating comfort, enhanced by custom capabilities to build a unique corporate brand statement.

Fun and engaging, Feek is a natural solution for educational settings. Hygienic and easy to clean, it offers an added element of safety with no hard edges or rigid framework to fall against.

Public Choose Feek for public seating areas. It’s comfortable, easy to maintain and highly durable.

Custom Capabilities

Create your vision-make a unique statement, solve a unique challenge, promote your brand image…Trendway’s custom capabilities can easily and quickly bring your ideas to life.

Stands up to the demands of schools, hospitals and public spaces. You can trust the color and texture will perform well.


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