Sit-to-stand desks

The human body isn’t made to be sedentary, but many jobs require employees to sit in one spot for long periods. Not only can this create health issues, like heart disease and obesity, but problems also trickle into the workplace, affecting morale, employee retention and productivity. These issues can be solved with sit to stand desks.

With more research and case studies about how active workspaces improve employee engagement and office health, many companies are looking for progressive ways to enhance overall corporate wellness with sit to stand desks.  

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How Sit to Stand Desks Can Entice Job Seekers

From the initial job posting to the series of interviews that follow, businesses spend a lot of time recruiting potential employees. On the flip side, job hunters also spend time investigating company culture and how companies value their employees with benefits and incentives. One benefit more and more companies, and even industry giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook, are offering is sit to stand desks.

Studies have shown that alternating between sitting and standing is best for overall health, and while employees might not be aware of the stats, they do know they don’t like sitting in one spot for a long time. In a competitive hiring market, providing sit to stand desks show a long-term investment in the well-being of employees to recruited talent.

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How Sit to Stand Desks Can Improve Retention and Productivity at Work

Once hired, companies want to retain their employees. In return, employees who value being a company asset will stick around for the long-term. How do sit to stand desks fit into this equation? According to, employees who use sit to stand desks have more energy, better circulation, burn more calories and have a better mood. Less anxiety, a healthy outlook and more stamina throughout the workday creates a positive work environment, which in turn helps create a better work-life balance.

That same study showed that using sit to stand desks increased oxygen to the brain and the ability to focus, which means more concentration and productivity throughout the workday, and with better work comes more job satisfaction. Regular movement throughout the day also lowers the risk for many ailments like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer. While sit to stand desks can have a direct benefit for an employee, companies and organizations may also reap the long-term benefit of lower health care costs.  

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