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Consider these ergonomic chairs for your employees.

Most Americans spend 10 hours sitting each day, which can lead to a myriad of health issues. One of the ways companies are now choosing to ease stresses caused by long days of sitting is by providing ergonomic chairs.

Designed with the human body in mind, ergonomic chairs reduce workplace injuries, provide support for the hips and spine, relieve the daily stresses on shoulders and neck, and decrease discomfort; all of these benefits also enhance an employee’s mood and productivity.

Our Top Ergonomic Chairs

With ergonomic furniture and healthier workspaces becoming part of our modern work culture, you’ll find there are ergonomic chairs for every office style and space including office desks, both traditional and sit to stand, task spaces, executive spaces, conference rooms, laboratory settings and specialty seating options, including those for large and tall employees. Here are some tips for choosing the best ergonomic chair.

If you are looking to invest in ergonomic office chairs for your business or company, here are our top five.

Kanewell Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool

  • Ideal for employees in the health fields, businesses that use drafting tables and office settings with sit to stand desks
  • Adjustable seating width and angles to relieve personal pressure points
  • A split-seat which allows for ventilation and adjustability for both male and female workers

Better Posture Jazzy Kneeling Chair

  • Designed to help employees sit straighter and avoid the lower back slouch
  • The forward-slanted seat and the knee brace helps support the body and align the spine, shoulder and neck
  • Adjusts for height and lift

Carmel-8234 Task

  • The narrowing back design reduces stress and encourages users to sit in a “shoulders back” posture
  • The added thoracic supports the center core of the body
  • The elbow design allows for more movement throughout the workday and less chair interference

CL47 Sit Stand Stool

  • Gives support to a variety of frames and statures
  • Features adjustable footrings
  • Provides comfortable back and elbow support
  • Models scaled to fit tight spaces

Truly 628

  • Engineered to respond to body movements and positions
  • Perforated back design flexes as you move to give support to stressed areas
  • The lumbar knob can be adjusted to individual needs

Ergonomic Chairs for Your Business – Ask Us How We Can Help

If you are considering new ergonomic chairs for your employees, contact us today for assistance! At We’ve Got Your Back, we love helping customers find what suits their company’s needs and budget.

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