Monitor mounts are fantastic ergonomic compliments to any desktop set-up, making the position of one or more computer monitors adjustable. They also reduce eye strain and neck pain by allowing customization of both height and proximity of a screen in relation to one’s own line of sight.

Eye strain is a serious problem for employees who interface with digital platforms eight to ten hours per day. Pennsylvania State University Medicine recommends positioning a computer screen 20-26 inches, or arm’s length, from your eyes. Monitor mounts allow ergonomic positioning according to each person’s arm length and comfort level.

Both screen height and distance contribute to neck pain in workers who use computers for long hours. According to the Mayo Clinic, neck pain can be alleviated by adjusting a monitor into a more ergonomic position. Additionally, a properly-placed monitor contributes to better posture, deeper breathing and healthier blood pressure levels as well as a more positive mood in computer users.

Our Top Ergonomic Monitor Mounts

We’ve Got Your Back carries ergonomic monitor mounts in three main styles: singular monitor arms, dual screen mounts and models for more than two screens. To account for the diverse needs of different office employees and environments, we rounded up the best mount model in each category. Keep reading for a run down of individual features that make each of these products so useful!

Best Single Mount

Workrite Conform Single Static Arm

  • Pin assembly system allows for quick configuration to a variety of bases
  • Compatible with expansion sets to accommodate additional screens
  • Arm extends to over two feet out from mount stand
  • Double-jointed arm provides excellent maneuverability

Best Dual Mount

Workrite Willow Dual Monitor Arm – Wide

  • Single-mount, dual-arm design enables stable system with two monitors with independent mobility
  • Full independent rotation allows screens to face different directions simultaneously
  • Perfect for sharing one screen and keeping another private
  • Parallel link and high-performance spring ensures overall stability with independent height adjustment

Best Multiple Mount

Humanscale M/Flex

  • Transitions from one to six screens as needed without hardware adjustments
  • Multiple arm system allows completely independent movement of all screens
  • Singular mount stand inserts easily into conventional workspace to create a dynamic, ergonomic unit

Monitor Mounts for Your Business – Ask Us How We Can Help

If you are considering monitor mounts for your employees, contact us today for assistance! At We’ve Got Your Back, our passion is helping customers find a perfect ergonomic fit for their company’s needs and budget.